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Testimony: I was 10 or 12, when I got saved. I was at home getting ready for church that morning. I felt like something was missing in my life. I was going to church, hearing the messages, but not letting it all sink in. I had talked to my mother and told her what I was thinking and that I needed Jesus in my heart. I realized that I have sinned: Romans 3:23, knew that I would go to hell if I did not know Jesus as my personal Savior, Romans 6:23. Than I needed to Repent and Believe Romans 10:9,10. Well, even though I repented and Trusted in Jesus Christ, not everything was made right. You see, He is still working on me, I will tell you one thing that is needed when studying the Word of God<Please never read just the verse you are looking at. read the whole paragraph.

If you would like me to come and speak at your church, the only thing I require is what is laid on your heart to give. If you have a Missions Conference coming and would like me to come and speak, I would gladly come and share the ministry.

If you believe that this God can do mighty things through this ministry, would you please consider to donate to this ministry.  
I am looking for financial support. I am looking to raise support to be able to go to events like the Superbowl Outreach, Kentucky Derby outreach and many other events.Even though I do not have 501C3 status, every little bit will help get me to that level. I also can use good tracts or I can send monies to the tract ministries I use.  If you feel led by God, please contact me. I know times are tough, and you give to your church, please consider how you can give and help keep the Gospel to be thundered out on the streets. 

                                                                   Thank You and God Bless You.




Theology and Apologetic books, as well as the BIBLE.  There is also the evangelism Strategies books.

Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:
All baseball and some Martial Arts stuff.

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:
                                        Christian music all the way, other than that
                                        Country and some classical as well as Jazz

Have you Defended Your Faith Lately?